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The National Watershed Coalition is a nonprofit organization composed of national, regional, state and local organizations, associations and individuals who advocate using watersheds as the planning and implementation unit when dealing with natural resource problems.

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What: The National Watershed Coalition/National Association of State Conservation Agencies Joint National Meeting

Where: Radisson Hotel Downtown- Salt Lake City, UT

When: October 1-4, 2023


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National Watershed Coalition

National Watershed Coalition

The NWC is a nonprofit Coalition of national, regional, state, and local entities, that advocate dea

Finishing up the to do list bright and early this morning….meeting materials shipped, bags packed and chores done! See you in Salt Lake! ... See MoreSee Less
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Schnabel will be at National Watershed Coalition & NWC 2023 Annual Meeting! Look for Chrissy Ferrazzano, Jeremy Young, Maridee Romero-Graves, Jim Crowder, and Tyler Coats on Oct 1-4 in Salt Lake City, UT! ... See MoreSee Less
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We’ve got Salt Lake City on our minds and we hope you do too…and here’s one more great reason to join us! J-U-B’s Bryce Wilcox and Zan Murray will be with us to talk about utilizing the USDA Watershed Program to get water for agriculture to the land.With the return of program funding the ag water provisions of the PL 566 Program have drawn increasing attention. Want to know more or hear about some real world work? Don’t miss out….Agricultural Water Management - getting water to the land through the Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations Program. ... See MoreSee Less
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Many thanks to USDA NRCS’s Dee Ann Littlefield for sharing this new USDA NRCS video with us! A great recounting SCS/NRCS Watershed Program history from Larry Caldwell as he shares The Old Dam Man’s perspective. In retirement Larry Caldwell has remained involved as an advocate, consultant and historian for the program at both the state and national levels. We hope you enjoy..! ... See MoreSee Less
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Another one of our favorites, Dr. Sherry Hunt, and another great reason to join us in Salt Lake City! Dr. Hunt will address climate issues as they impact the USDA Small Watershed Program. Hear it in person and take advantage of the opportunity to visit and to discuss with Sherry! Registration, agenda and lodging info available at!From and Amy Joi O’Donoghue- “There’s been plenty of research and news about the nexus between wildfires, extreme weather events and climate change.But what about the integrity of dams and flood control basins scattered throughout Utah and the rest of the United States?Sherry Hunt, a research leader and acting location coordinator at the U.S. Department of Agricultural Research Service’s Agroclimate and Hydraulic Engineering Research Unit in Stillwater, Oklahoma, says experts are attempting to answer how extreme weather impacts this type of infrastructure, as many of the dams are 50 to 60 years old and vulnerable to problems.” ... See MoreSee Less
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More great subject matter you will find at our coming Salt Lake City meeting! Get up to date information on Watershed Program issues, learn some “How to” tips and tricks, see how Watershed Program work is written on the Western landscape. Another of our top shelf presenters..Jones and Demille…!!Emergency Watershed Protection Program | Secrets to SuccessOur panel will share their insights, tips, and tricks in navigating the NRCS Emergency Watershed Protection Program. Highlights will include sponsor strategies, planning readiness, common challenges, and how to manage an aggressive schedule. Come join us as we share partnering best practices, aligning project expectations, project phasing, and maximizing compliance and checklists.Jones & DeMille Engineering | Shaping the Quality of Life throughout the Intermountain West. ... See MoreSee Less
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