about_us The National Watershed Coalition (NWC) was formed in 1989, succeeding the older Watershed Congress, which traced its roots back to about 1951.

The NWC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Coalition (F.E.I.N. no. 84-1142882) (Dun & Bradstreet Number, DUNS, 09-053-1299) made up of national, regional, state, and local organizations, associations, and individuals, that advocate dealing with natural resource problems and issues using watersheds as the planning and implementation unit.

The NWC:

  • Advocates using total resource management principles in planning, and believes the USDA assisted small watershed programs are among the best planning and implementation vehicles available for wise water and land management.
  • Represents the concerns and needs of watershed project sponsors at the national level.
  • Offers assistance on watershed planning when requested, sponsors biennial national watershed conferences, other specialty resource conferences, publishes a monthly electronic newsletter, Watershed e-News and conference proceedings.
  • Provides resource testimony before Congress on watershed programs and policy, and believes proper care of our nation’s natural resources a top national priority.
  • The NWC is governed by a Board of Directors of conservation and related organizations. Associate membership is $25 annually for individuals and $75 for organizations. Board of Directors Memberships require $175 minimum annual membership dues.



Wes Watkins Lake The Wes Watkins Lake project is a perfect example of a small watershed project that is a multi-purpose structure providing flood control, public water supply, recreation, and wildlife habitat for the benefit of all the citizens in the area.